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If you care about others and this world and want to develop yourself – you are in the right place. Center for Intercultural Initiatives HORIZONS – widen your horizons with us!

What we do?

We are an independent Poznań non-governmental organization, operating under various names since 1996 at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Our goals are to initiate, run and support educational, social and cultural activities for and for the local community and to build intercultural dialogue between representatives and representatives of different cultures. We want to influence the creation of a world without hatred, full of intentional understanding, for which we care about together, starting from our own backyard, but also going far beyond the horizon.


We promote and organize volunteering in the local and international dimensions for social change and personal development.


We operate in the field of non-formal education. We organize activities aimed at transcultural, anti-discrimination and civic education.


We operate locally. We support the local community in the social and cultural dimensions. We start the changes from our own backyard.

Our events
  1. Through Stomach to Culture – Netherlands

    2 December / 17:0018:00

    Kiki, one of the volunteers working at CIM Horyzonty will tell us about the Netherlands, its culture and food. Follow the live stream.

Our activities in this year?

As every year, a lot is happening. We undertake many local and international activities. Below is a description of our main activities for 2019.


The aim of the project is to improve the quality of volunteering projects by developing the competence of people organizing volunteering projects and / or cooperating with volunteers through the development of the following skills: identifying volunteers’ needs and directing them to adequate tasks, recognizing motivations of volunteer and using its potential, improving the quality of communication with volunteers (including the ability to resolve conflicts)…


Critical Creation is a project that combines artistic, activist and social environments to create a space to act to reduce economic and social inequalities among the countries, using artistic tools. Activities include discussion panels and educational workshops with people with migration experience and experts in this field, active artistic activities in the urban space and events targeted at young people and the local community of Poznań interested in the issue of global inequalities.

MCIL Łazanka

ŁAZANKA Mobile Local Initiatives Center – a place for residents, frequenters and regulars of Lower Lazarus. Project implemented by the Association CIM HORIZONS from 2017. Łazarz is a big district and now a lot is happening here. Activities implemented within the Center include many places, such as our office, Osiedlowy Klub Kultury “Krąg”, or the Incubator of Culture Piraeus, as well as squares, Rynek Łazarski, parks, gates and other places depending on the needs. ŁAZANKA is a place open to every age and social group.

Call for participants
Do you want to experience an amazing adventure? “The signpost at the crossroads of cultures” is a project seeking to build understanding and intercultural dialogue. Its purpose is to bring …
Czytaj Dalej

Do you want to be an activist / activist of human rights? International training awaits you;) We invite you to take part in the second sports training as part of …
Czytaj Dalej

New articles
On Monday 15th of June we had a very interesting workshop, during which we learned what fundraising is, what to start thinking about, how we can plan a fundraising strategy …
Czytaj Dalej

This article discusses the issue of interculturalism and the teaching of foreign languages ​​to kindergarten children, as well as different characteristics that are present in each age group and guidance …
Czytaj Dalej

The project « #GetUpStandUp» was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens” …
Czytaj Dalej

On Wednesday the 26th of February, we once again gathered at Klub Osiedlowy Krąg to help Narek Botsinyan cook traditional dishes and present his homeland and culture for the sake …
Czytaj Dalej

Horyzonty people! We would like to thank all the attendees and those participating in the meeting through the powers of attorney at the Extraordinary Valentine’s General Assembly …
Czytaj Dalej

European Voluntary Service

European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

Volunteering projects provide young people with the opportunity to do voluntary work at home or abroad. Volunteer activities respond to important social needs.

At the moment we are hosting: Zacharoula, Ania, Calin, Ayse, Narek and Salvatore as part of the long-term project of the European Solidarity Corps Erasmus + Program.



WEEKLY ARTICLE 24-27.02.2020

WEEKLY ARTICLE 24-27.02.2020

2019/2020, Anna
WORKING HARD Looking back to the last week I feel that we are on the right track! The weather in February is not very favorable for walks and outside activities, and it means that we are really concentrated on our …

My week in Poznan 03-07.02.2020

My week in Poznan 03-07.02.2020

Hello to everyone! I want to share my stories this week․ The week began with a regular workshop․ We all shared about the work we did last week, gave feedback on the workshops we had done last week, and then …

Weekly Report 27/01-31/01/2020 – Zacharoula

Weekly Report 27/01-31/01/2020 – Zacharoula

2019/2020, Zacharoula
We are almost in the middle of our volunteering venture and I realize that time flies! This week we recharged our batteries and handled various events …

Weekly artricle 19/01 - 26/01 - Salvatore

Weekly artricle 19/01 – 26/01 – Salvatore

Volunteers started the week with another birthday, the Ania’s one. After celebration in the office they started to talk about the previous week and about what to do in the next, specially about the incoming events. Some of them than …