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Volunteering Potential Lab

2 November 2021 - 17 November 2021

Volunteering Potential Lab - Online Evalutaion Seminar

Training course 1 (TC1) was held in Poland, Poznan from 16th till 24th of August 2019

The aim of the project was to improve the quality of volunteering projects by developing the competence of people organizing volunteering projects and / or cooperating with volunteers through the development of the following skills:

– identifying volunteers’ needs and directing them to adequate tasks,

– recognizing motivations of volunteer and using its potential,

– improving the quality of communication with volunteers (including the ability to resolve


– the development of skills to promote volunteering (including learning outcomes in volunteering)

through various channels,

– identifying the potential of learning in volunteering and supporting volunteer learning.

The project was attended by 28 youth workers from 9 countries: Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Macedonia, Italy, Sweden and Spain.

Training course 2 (TC2) was held from 7th till 11 of December 2020 in Zoom Platform due to Covid-19 situation. 


This Training Course is a second training within the Long Term Project, aiming to improve the quality of volunteering projects. 

The aim of the project was to improve the quality of volunteering projects. This particular training focused on supporting learning of volunteers and promoting recognition of learning through volunteering.

After completing all stages of the project participants were able to identify volunteers’ needs and better  assign the tasks to volunteers; they communicated better and were able to manage the conflict situations;  they learnt more about motivation and they gained new tools for promoting volunteering projects and  learning outcomes. Moreover they were able to identify skills and competences that volunteering projects  had to offer and they were able to support volunteers’ learning and to help volunteers in recognizing their own  skills and competences. They  know how to set clear learning goals and they will know about different  forms of volunteering. 

Implementation phases and sharing their outcomes helped to develop critical and analytical thinking,  reflection skills and create the opportunity to get to know different cultural perspectives of the same issue.  Participants also experienced creating publications online, which were afterwards published and  distributed. 

The main difference between the first training course and the second is that the first was aimed at studying the needs of volunteers, the most volunteer activities and their unification. while the main topic of the second course was learning and obtaining specific skills while working as a volunteer, the ability to identify their skills and capabilities


EVALUATION SEMINAR (TC3) – the last third project’s meeting will happen online in November 2021 and finish by co-creating by VOL POT LAB PUBLICATION by all the partners and their participants.


More details about the Evaluation Seminar in the Infopack for Participants Document


2 November 2021
17 November 2021
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