Hello hello!

My name is Andy and for 11,5 months I lived in Würzburg, Bavaria (Germany), where within the European Solidarity Corps project I did a volunteer service in the Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken.

I learnt a lot of German, took part in many various workshops in the migrational racism-critical pedagogy approach, I created and carried out my own workshop on the topic of transgender gender identities, I co-created an exhibition of queer art in Freiraum, I worked with amazing people (vielen lieben Dank, Jubi-Team!), I got to know a lot of amazing volunteers and, frankly speaking, I hat the best (yet) year of my life. I also had a chance to participate in a Polish-German youth exchange (twice!), supporting the trainers and also co-running the workshops.

I gained a lot of experience, connected with people and I will remember about this beautiful time till the end of my days.

If any of you are wondering if you should jump on this opportunity and do a volunteer service abroad, if only you have a chance, please do.

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