Jasmin’s report August

Greetings! You know my name already! You can also assume which month this is about. This is the only month where there was no school-specific work to be done. A perfect opportunity to go traveling and an even better opportunity to plan my life after this EVS finishes.Continue reading


Hejka! July here with some stories from Jasmin. Or the other way around. Did you know that in Polish “Lipiec” is July? Croatians also have a similar name. It’s “Lipanj” and it’s June. “What?” - you would probably ask. Yes, it looks like some months are shifted and those would be June, July, October, and I should start talking about what happened this month. Enough chatter about months and their names.Continue reading


Jello there! Jasmin here again. This time I’m sweating like hell. The temperatures are reaching Croatian levels and I hate(Love) it! At school all exams finished. Things chilled down. Zero pressure left. We’re all looking for a cold lake/river to cool ourselves down. Unfortunately the only thing close to Zielona Góra are swimming pools and some lakes that nobody wants to submerge their bodies in. The closest things are a small river called Bóbr and lakes that are at least 30km away. Me and some friends chose to go to lake Dąbie (engl. Oak).Continue reading


Greetings! A lot has happened in May. Bless the warm weather for bringing these opportunities to me. In the beginning of the month I had a chance to play Scrabble for the first time in my life (I know, right) but this time the game was in Polish. I was a bit overwhelmed of the idea of competing in this game with natives from Poland but then I went for it because why not. As you might guess, I was dead last when we counted the scores but I felt like a winner. Why? Because I managed to create a word whenever it was my turn. The words were nothing spectacular (e.g. “lody”, “mać”, “kiwi”) but they worked like a charm.Continue reading


Dobar dan svima! U Hrvatskoj sam! But for the sake of you international readers, I’ll write the rest in English. If you haven’t translated this yet, I wrote that I’m in Croatia. Back home! After 6 months of being away! That’s the most time I’ve spent away from home in my life. It was time for a vacation. Finally leaving this rainy weather and coming to the Mediterranean climate.Continue reading


Welcome back! Jasmin here with more stories from last month. Spring is almost there and I can feel it! The nature is waking up slowly. Snow is becoming less common. I’ve been thinking about which of the five senses is the first to give me the signal that spring is coming. For me, I think that the sound of birds chirping is the first thing that makes me think “Oh, spring is here.”. Continue reading


Welcome back! Jasmin here with more stories from last month. First thing’s first. I’ve released the first version of the game I’ve been working on! And I’m very happy about it! It’s an accomplishment that I needed in my life right now. You can find the game at https://github.com/jasminzukic/Jibimba . I tried to make it simple to start and play but if you have any questions or problems with it, contact me on jasminzukic2@gmail.com. There’s still a lot to be added to the game and right now I’m reading, researching, and implementing it slowly.Continue reading


Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! I'm writing this a month later but still! Wishes are wishes and I think they're valid whenever. Even if someone wished a happy birthday 5 months later (maybe it happened to me but nevermind). My friends just left back home. It was such a blast. I'm happy they made it here! Batteries full. It's 2019! New year, new me! I've decided to start working out at home instead of climbing this month (one of the reasons is that I've spent a bit too much during Christmas and New Years :). Some years ago I've followed Reddit's recommended routine and I've heard they made an update of the routine. I checked it and I liked the changes they made. Luckily, I have all the tools needed for easy implementation of the method. You can see a picture of my gymnastic rings in my December installment of this diary. Continue reading


Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Jasmin here with some Christmas spirit from Zielona Góra. It's holiday times! And I'm depressed (maybe)! I came back from the On-arrival training. Back from a very big, dynamic and diverse group to a small, but equally dynamic, local community. Usually what we come back to, we call home. It wasn't that easy this time. I came from a very foreign environment back to a place that's also a foreign environment. I'm starting to miss home. I miss the easiness of it. At the same time, I'm aware that I'm growing a lot with this experience. Continue reading

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