Relead the Leadership 

Few weeks ago me and my others two colleagues, Beka and Marta were informed that we would travel to Ljubljana to attend a training course called RE-thinking LEADership organized by Institute for Youth Participation, Health and Sustainable Development (IMZTR) and financed by Eramus plus. It was a exciting new. Two weeks later we arrived at the hotel where would be home for this week.

The first session started with the question how to be a leader? All the participants, each one from different nationalities (Turkey, Spain, Georgia, Poland, Macedonia, and Lithuania), did not know what to reply. In fact all of us we wondered how you can recognise that someone is a leader, or at least the leader that everyone expect to be. This one was the next step, how to develop the skills to become a really positive leader. In fact if you find the really meaning of leader into the dictionary you can read that “leader is a person who has the ability to inspire, guide and to direct”.

However to achieve these assets it is required know yourself deeply. And this one was the first task to do during the two first sessions. We were exploring in ourselves what there was under the superficial of our behaviors, actitudes, and actions. That method is called the iceberg studied by David A. Kolb.

Also in these two sessions we had the chance to know each other between the participants and discover the perspective of each one connected to our culture. Sometimes it is true that how we understand the reality it is connected to where we come from and the education scenario. Nevertheless other main learning was that human being feelings and circumstances are many times the same one.

Connecting to this point were about the next days. How to make yourself understand and How to understand the others who are around you. Also Non violent communication was other of the most interesting topic that we learnt about. During this session we focus on tools to improve the communication especially in a discussion. Because it is true that emotions of human being could be so much passionated especially when we argue between us. Also because this situations trigger some behaviours which do not make us be so proud of ourselves. So for us it was one of the most useful sessions.

Nevertheless in the last session everything that we were learning during the week was connected: we had a clarify idea what is the most important thing to be a good leader: to know what you want in your life, which are your references, and how to deal with our triggers and weakness. The exercise that we did to connected all the concepts was called The Design of your Life. We wrote in different part of a sheet of paper what is the most important thing for us in the life; which kind of life style we would like to follow; which assets we consider belong to ourselves ; which mentors or people we admire and which are the most fears we have. It was perfect end for this personal shaking training.

On the other hand, there are other experiences we had during that week. The three one who travel to Slovenia we had the chance to know each other and to realize that all of us we had the same sense of humor, in spite of we come from different countries. It is one of the most values I took from this Slovenia Experience.

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