WEEKLY REPORT 11.03-15.03

Hey, I am Keti and I would like to summarize last week. As always we started on Monday – we had group meeting where we discussed plans for this week. I had workshop in democratic  school about, how to make Minion from toilet’s cardboard for children. During this activitie children were so interested in this workshop and they created Minions by their own. It was quite nice because children were active, they were interested in workshops and we had also good feedback from children and teachers.

In this week the most important day was preparing for next Friday  intercultural evening for seniors and foreign students. To make it in really nice plan, we wanted to make it in party way.

In this week we had our even intercultural evening for seniors, country and food  presentation in Krag. This week we had Mexico, our organization president Kamila and her friend who visited  in Mexico they made presentation about this country and they cooked Guacamole, which is Mexican tradition souse. We had sombreros and seniors took  photos with this hat. It was nice atmosphere and seniors were happy because of this presentation. We had workshop in primary school like every week, we had some leisure, we made competition games for children, they took  part in. The end of week I had my working day in the office, I wrote weekly article and summarize this week. Thanks for attention,

Bye ☺

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