WEEKLY REPORT 27.05-2.06

What a busy week! From the 27th till 4th of june has taken place The 30th  anniversary of the identity of Łazarz in which we have been so busy doing and preparing all the activities. In my case for example, Sara, I was working on the ŁazART Tour and ŁazART Walk. Both activities aimed to connect art places in Łazarz district with the neighbours of Łazarz but at the same time with the citizens of Poznan as well.

In one hand, ŁazART Tour was a map to show all the places in which have cultural events. Not only galleries, but also coffee shops and other spaces in which there is always free space for having a concert, exhibition or performances.

In the other hand ŁazART Walk had the goal to be focused on art,  that is why we visited five art places in Łazarz district. At the end of walk the coordinators of the event, at Neolazarus Fundacja Wojtek Kosiedowski and Sara Valverde shared some questions with the participants about their feedbacks from the activity and in general  why are important the cultural and art activities for them . One of the best comment came from one of the participants, at the same time it was the best sentence for closing the activity: “I like this kind of activity because it let me to be in contact with art where I can always find other questions and proposals for growing up myself”.

A part of this project,we had another activities during the weekend. On friday we organized a barbecue  and workshops for children for the Neighbour of Lazarz’s Day. This kind of event always are amazing because the families and youngs enjoy eating and listening music. On Saturday it was Children’s Day, so again we made workshop for children and a zumba lesson. I am always surprised  how much the spanish songs are popular here in Poland.

Lastly, on Sunday it was the longest day where took place many workshops but also an African concert and later a  drum workshop. As the weather was so warm we had many children and people interested in participating in our activities.

And suddenly it is less than one month left to go back to home. The time passed by fast.

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