Hello! My name is Beka and I’m 23 years old. I finished my Bachelor degree in Public Administration and I am Master of Sociology. I come to Poznan in September and started working with amazing team in Non-Governmental Organization CIM Horyzonty, With me are 4 volunteers and each of us has to write weekly article and now I want to speak what we have done in this week.

As a volunteer I have to do so many good things, I have English lessons for seniors, also workshops for children about Ecology system, name of workshop is “Clean Lazarz”. In this week we made workshops for three class. The workshop aims to improve young people’s attitudes about ecological system and realized them how important it is to defend cleanliness.

In this week I also had English lesson for seniors. First of all, I have to say that I enjoy teaching a lot. I am so happy for my students, because they are so motivated to learn English and they want to understand more and more about English language. I am so proud when I see them in the street and they start talk to me English J I hope that my students will keep this motivation!

Also in this week we had one important day, we had “Breakfast with Kamila”. Kamila is President of our organization and this was non-formal meeting about our Novembers schedule. At the meeting we managed our activities for November and Kamila cooked so tasty breakfast for us J

We started preparing for one of important activity, this is “Marathon of Writing Letters of Amnesty International”. Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people how take injustice personally. Marathon of Writing letter will take place on 8th of December together one of our other project Human Library in Inkubator Kultury Pireus (ul. Głogowska 35)

I really want to learn Polish. I have polish lesson and I work so hard for this.

Hope that end of my EVS project I’ll write article in Polish 🙂

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