Youth exchange in Sofia, Bulgaria

Hello everyone!

Last week, we went to Sofia for a training week about sustainability. We learned a lot of new skills and obtained information we can use in the future when we are working with kids, teenagers, young adults, or adults. We had different workshops to help us stand out when presenting new information. We had different trainers who taught us what they do to be more sustainable and we learned how to implement all this in our work.

Besides that, we also had a great time exploring the city and meeting new people. We had a few teams representing different countries. A team from Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria and our team from Poland. As a team we had a good connection and we could work really well together; the group was really open and friendly. So, in our free time, we went for a drink together or we mixed up the teams to see the city with different people.

The city itself was great. We learned more about Bulgarian culture, the food, the architecture, the history, the political situation and so much more. We’ve both never visited Bulgaria before and we love traveling and meeting new people. It was so nice to visit it together for the first time!


Dani and Evi J

Youth exchange in Sofia, Bulgaria
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