Shooting Backstage – relacja z próby wolontariusza CIM Horyzonty

During one of our rehearsals of EKIPA JEŻA team, working on scenario of theatre play we had a guest – CIM Horyzonty Volunteer Loïc, from France. It was great to have an observer who documented our creative work. Have a look at the backstage. And thank You Loic so much !!!

In our gallery you can find photos by Jan Podworny and Loïc Fourrey


Behind the cameras… report from the team rehearsal

Be on the backstage of a shooting photo/video is very interesting.

It was the very first time that I’ve done this kind of thing and it was a great experience.

First, the day began at 9.00, when I join the team of Olga, Klaudia, Stan and Jan.

After saying hello to everyone and a little chat, it was time to read the script and time to see exactly what they were about to do.

A nice Warm-up later, it was time to take the first pictures and work on the first aspect of this theater project.

The actors need to play all the emotions linked to all this COVID situation.

Anger, Frustration, Stress…. All of those emotions were played very nicely by the actors of the day, and me, I was behind the cameras (behind behind the cameras to be precise) to shoot the work of Jan, who was in charge of the pictures, and also to shoot some nice portraits, backstage photos and…some very funny pictures.

After the emotions, it was time to going on and skip to the second part of the shooting, the video-clips.

Exit the emotions, let the characters come in stage !

A TV anchorman, a fairy or students were some of the characters that our actors played.

For all those scenes, we change a lot of settings, decors, point of views…

Honestly, I didn’t understand a lot of what was saying, cause I’m French and my polish is not (yet) very good.

But it was interesting to see all the process.

Time for a nice soup-break then it was time for the last part of the day, the debrief.

After reviewing the pictures, reading the script and recording some audio for the next steps of the projects, the day was already over.

Once after saying goodbye to everyone and thanks them for this day and this opportunity,

I left to go into the snowy Poznań…

Loïc Fourrey


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