European Voluntary Service

Do you want to travel abroad as a volunteer? The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is one of the actions of the European Commission’s Erasmus + Program that can enable you to go on such a trip. Find out more about it.

Become a Volunteer

European Voluntary Service / European Solidarity Corps (ESC) gives young volunteers an opportunity to use their own skills, develop their interests, gain experience in new fields, learn about a foreign language and other culture.

Volunteering projects provide young people with the opportunity to do voluntary work at home or abroad. Volunteer activities respond to important social needs, contribute to the strengthening of communities and at the same time enable volunteers to gain practical experience, skills and competences necessary to acquire new knowledge, personal, social, civic and professional development. In practice, this means increasing their chances of employment. Volunteers can carry out their project at home or abroad.


The program may cover young people aged between 17 and 30. Everyone who fulfills this criterion has equal chances to participate in the European Voluntary Service, regardless of gender, education, foreign language skills, disability, etc.


You can leave up to a maximum of 12 months. We distinguish short-term projects (lasting from 2 to 8 weeks) and long-term projects (from 2 to 12 months). The length of the trip is determined at each project.


Activities of volunteers may concern a number of issues such as: natural environment, culture and art, activities with children, youth and older people, actions against racism, drug addiction, European information, sport and recreation, unemployment or many others.


Participation in the program is free. The Program covers the costs of travel, meals, accommodation, training and monthly pocket money, so you can take part in the program without any own contribution.

Time to be a Volunteer

The Center for Intercultural Initiatives is accredited by the sending, hosting and coordinating organization since 2009. During this time, we sent over 70 volunteers and we have already hosted 30 volunteers who have been active in animating the local community during long-term projects.

Below is a list of projects for which we are currently recruiting:

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of traveling for the short and long-term project of the European Solidarity Corps by clicking on the link where you will find all current offers.

Woud you like to become a volunteer? Write to us:

It is necessary to register in database of European Solidarity Corps – see the website

Our Volunteers

At the moment we are hosting: Zacharoula, Ania, Calin and Salvatore. What is more Marta and Alvaro have an internship with us as a par of Erasmus+.

Meet our volunteers – below you can see reports from their activities. See what the volunteer’s life looks like.

Weekly artricle 19/01 - 26/01 - Salvatore

Weekly artricle 19/01 – 26/01 – Salvatore

Volunteers started the week with another birthday, the Ania’s one. After celebration in the office they started to talk about the previous week and about what to do in the next, specially about the incoming events. Some of them than …

My December with CIM HORYZONTY

My December with CIM HORYZONTY

December was a busy month for me. I have been a photographer since November. In December I photographed ten events. 05/12/2019 workshops of Christmas decoration with local community 02/12.2019 day of volont. in economy. university. December featured a letter writing …

WEEKLY REPORT 13-17.01.2020

WEEKLY REPORT 13-17.01.2020

2019/2020, Anna
REUNION A large amount of projects and tasks, that we had to finish by the end of the year, unavoidably led to a deterioration in relations within our team and unfortunately, we came back with the same mood after the …

Article for the last Week of December

Article for the last Week of December

2019/2020, Calin
Well, hope you missed a long and drawn out story because it’s, again, my turn to speak about the time we spent in CIM Horyzonty, the last week of December, to be precise …