Amen’s ESC journey in Poland

Spring 🌱: Discovering Poznań and integration with the organisation 

Spring was really exciting for me, since I tried different activities, after our Monday meeting where we make the plan for the week, my first station was English class with kids at Krąng, using non formal education and tried to involve art and music. Beside that I was going to a non formal school called Parakrok, 

to support the teachers there and arrange some activities for the kids. Also we were going to a formal schools to organise our intercultural café With our facilitator Olga, in this workshop kids were able to discover more about different countries and cultures and get in contact with our team. And also we were doing something similar at a juvenile center, focusing more on the food cultures and traditions and  cooked one of our traditional dishes with kids, which they really enjoyed it.

The last thing I would like to mention here is the Arrival training in Warsaw, it was a great opportunity to learn many things about non formal education and ESC, also it helped me to know many volunteers around Poland.

Summer: ☀️ working in teams 

Summer was quite different and more dynamic, since  more than  20 new  short term volunteers joined us, so we were working in 6 teams around Poznań, with different people from different age groups. And many activities were being done outside such as rynek łazarski park, or wolności square so we have a direct contact with people and kids there. 

Autumn:🍂 back to school and midterm training 

By the school start we had the chance to go back to our lovely kids again such as Parakrok and the juvenile centre to continue our activities there, also we were able to participate in many events around Poznań, like the one in the Muslim educational centre, 

And we organised the intercultural café again with Olga at our office strefa. And we were trying to be more active in our office, where we hosted the movie night and the discussion about it, also we did the human library event 

And we were able to talk about our own life and experience and try to be like an opened book. Continue working with the school we did a presentation about European solidarity corps and we shared our experience with the high school students, and tried to explain to them the whole journey of being a volunteer under ESC and especially with Cim horizonty.

And I was lucky also to participate in the mid term training which took place in Toruń the beautiful city, that Training was more focusing on evaluating our experience and giving us tips for planning our journey after the volunteering finished.

Winter : ❄️ final season and reflecting for whole experience 

Even though the weather was a bit a challenging we were keeping our energy and motivation up, and it’s a bit emotional because we know that Beautiful experience is going to an end. We keep doing our activities in the schools and also we did more language classes such as french in Krąng club, and Arabic classes at our office in strefa. 

And our team had the chance to be a part of a program organised by youth for inclusion, where we were able to learn a lot of new skills 

And developing our network, and organising our own event to participate in the event.

I would like to say it was a fruitful journey because I could see how much I’ve learnt during this program with CIM Horyzonty, and for me it’s like a family and home, I really do appreciate the experience I’ve had. And I would like to thank my coordinators Ula, Marta, Kuba and Kamila, and of course without forgetting Olga. Also I appreciate meeting my teammates because they’re just wonderful people. All the best!

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