Abdul’s story of unveiling the Horizons of Poznań

In the transformative year of 2023, Abdul embarked on an extraordinary volunteering journey with CIM Horizonty and the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) in Poznań, immersing himself in the diverse tapestry of experiences that unfolded throughout the seasons. Let’s take a minute to join him in this journey!

Spring: Unveiling Diversity Through Non-Formal Education

As the flowers bloomed, my journey began with a distinctive blend of activities that ignited curiosity and engagement. Breaking away from the traditional mold, English classes at Krąng became an artistic exploration, integrating music and non-formal education techniques. My involvement with the unconventional Parakrok school added a unique dimension, and together, we delved into cultural workshops at formal schools, creating a rich tapestry of intercultural exchanges. A visit to a juvenile center brought a focus on food cultures, culminating in the joy of sharing traditional dishes with the eager young participants. The Arrival training in Warsaw served as a pivotal point for understanding the nuances of non-formal education and ESC, establishing connections with fellow volunteers across Poland.

Summer: Crafting Memories in Teams

The summer sun ushered in a new chapter, marked by the arrival of over 20 short-term volunteers. Working seamlessly in diverse teams, we ventured into the heart of Poznań, engaging with the community through dynamic activities in locations like Rynek Łazarski Park and Wolności Square. The direct interactions with people and kids during this season etched memories of unity and shared experiences.

Autumn: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Diversity

As the leaves fell, I found myself back in the familiar embrace of schools, continuing activities at Parakrok and the juvenile center. Engaging in events around Poznań, such as those at the Muslim educational center, added a layer of cultural celebration to our journey. The intercultural café at our office, alongside movie nights and discussions, provided avenues for deepening connections with the community. Presenting the European Solidarity Corps to high school students became a platform for inspiring future volunteers, while the mid-term training in Toruń equipped us with insights for future endeavors.

Winter: Culmination and Gratitude

With winter’s chill setting in, our commitment to the cause remained unwavering. Sustaining activities in schools and expanding language classes exemplified the resilience of our team. Our collaboration with the Youth for Inclusion program added a new dimension, fostering skill development and creating impactful events. As the journey neared its end, there was a poignant acknowledgment of the beautiful experience it encapsulated. Gratitude resonates for the invaluable lessons, the dedicated team at CIM Horizonty, and the bonds forged during this distinctive chapter.

Reflection on a Year Unveiled

This ESC volunteering project unfolded as a unique narrative, from creating an artistic space in the spring to crafting memories in the summer, navigating challenges in the fall, and culminating with resilience in the winter. The report stands as a testament to the singular character of this volunteering journey, leaving an indelible mark on both individual growth and community connections.

Special appreciation extends to Ula, Marta, Kuba, Kamila, and Olga, whose guidance shaped this distinctive experience. Here’s to the essence of volunteering that transcends relatability, leaving a distinct imprint on the tapestry of Poznań’s cultural landscape.

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