Based on many years of work experience in the areas of counteracting social exclusion and equalizing educational opportunities, we perceive a strong need to talk about the broadly understood social diversity and the inequality that often accompanies it.

According to the standards of the regulation of the Ministry of National Education of 10 May 2013, all schools and other education system institutions are obliged to conduct “anti-discrimination activities directed to the entire school community”. This need is also reminded of last year’s report of the Anti-Discrimination Education Society, entitled “Discrimination at school – Unexcited presence”. The document clearly signals the need to include anti-discrimination education as one of the key elements of civic education in the formal education system in Poland.

To meet these requirements, we propose a comprehensive training program for pedagogical councils of schools and a workshop program addressed to students and pupils at all levels of education (primary schools, middle schools, high schools).



This offer includes a series of workshops for the pedagogical board preparing for implementation of anti-discrimination activities in the school environment. Thanks to them, members and members of the teaching staff have the opportunity to raise their awareness of the phenomenon of discrimination in the school context, increase knowledge about the mechanism of discrimination and learn how to counteract it.

contact with: Marta Szymaniuk 


This offer includes a series of interactive workshops addressed to school children. Thanks to them, pupils and pupils increase their level of empathy and social sensitivity, acquire knowledge about the mechanisms of discrimination and the ability to identify discriminatory situations in the immediate environment and adequately respond to them.

contact with: Marta Szymaniuk