Meet our new volunteers who in 2019/2020 will join CIM Horizons activities as a part of the European Solidarity Corps project.



Hey there! My name is Zacharoula, I’m 25 years old and I come from Greece, specifically Athens. I came to Poznań two years ago for postgraduate studies and I decided to stay longer! Volunteering seemed just the right opportunity and CIM Horyzonty appeared on my way at the best time!
I love photography, movies, traveling, reading, cooking and I’m ready to share my personal experiences with everyone interested in! Excited as I am, I wanna do the best! Stay tunned for updates!

Calin Boldea


From all accounts, I have been considered a calm and collected person, always trying to find the good in the people around me. I have taken part in 20 Erasmus+ projects, the most important one being European Fellowship on Youth Leadership, which I think is self-explanatory. I hope to be of good use in those 11 months that we will spend together in the city of Poznan 



Guess which woman’s name exists in probably each christian country? Correct, it’s Anna. Most often it is translated as “grace”. However, I am purposeful and positive person, always ready for adventures and new challenges. After 7 years of trade marketing, I thought to come back to social activities, so I am ready to share some knowledge and passion I have and I am here wo widen the horizons: mine and yours.



I’m Salvatore, I’m from Italy, I’ve graduated in international relations but my hobbies are traveling, specially in natural places, play music and do sports or simply let’s go for a walk. I hope to have a very nice experience here in Poznań.



Marta Szymaniuk, after years of teaching Spanish, decided to try something new and began an internship at CIM Horizons. She is an assistant to our coordinators, supports volunteers and mentors, and also deals with social media. In her spare time she plays in an amateur theater. Marta is primarily interested in education – in particular non-formal and democratic one, psychology, foreign languages, ecology, as well as art in the broad sense of this term, and willingly conducts workshops on each subject for each age group. She believes that each of her skills and interests will be useful during the internship of the European Solidarity Corps.



Álvaro Inglés was a former international Volunteer in CIM Horyzonty but has started a new challenge as our intern for the coming months. Besides reading, watching films and pretending he is a filmmaker of some sort, Alvaro is our video/photo guy responsible for taking pictures of our activities, record them and try to make something nice with all this amazing material. Also, he has an interest in working with seniors and youngsters to share his technical skills, which can be useful during his internship thanks to European Solidarity Corps program.

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September 2019

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September 2020


Volunteering projects provide young people with the opportunity to do voluntary work at home or abroad. Volunteer activities respond to important social needs, contribute to strengthening the community and at the same time enable volunteers to gain practical experience, skills and competences necessary to acquire new knowledge, personal, social, civic and professional development.


Project recruitment closed.


project implemented under Erasmus+


On arrival meeting in Warsaw for our volunteers - Skalvo

On arrival meeting in Warsaw for our volunteers – Skalvo

2019/2020, Salvatore
Our ESC volunteers were in Warsaw during the middle week of October to know more about volunteering in Poland and about ESC program (European Solidarity Corp) ...
Czytaj Dalej
November: A Month of New Challenges for Me (Narek)

November: A Month of New Challenges for Me (Narek)

2019/2020, Narek
The first working week of November was very busy for me. For the first time in my life, I taught Russian for beginners. I was very tense during the preparatory phase, but during the lesson the tension was overwhelmed by ...
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Report 3rd week of October - Ayse

Report 3rd week of October – Ayse

Ayse's second week in the city pof Poznań ...
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WEEKLY REPORT 7-13.10.2019

WEEKLY REPORT 7-13.10.2019

2019/2020, Anna
IT’S COMING TO ROUTINE Autumn mornings become colder and colder, and with the morning mist comes a feeling of stable life in the city. Monday is a day of office meetings and setting goals for the upcoming week. Tuesday is ...
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Weekly Report 23/09-30/09/2019 - Zacharoula

Weekly Report 23/09-30/09/2019 – Zacharoula

2019/2020, Zacharoula
So it's been a month since my ESC started and I can now say with confidence that volunteering rocks! The city of Poznań was known to me while I was studying here, but now I have the opportunity to discover ...
Czytaj Dalej
WEEKLY REPORT 4.09-15.09.2019

WEEKLY REPORT 4.09-15.09.2019

2019/2020, Anna
BRIGHT and COLORFUL Hi, my name is Anna, I am from Ukraine and if someone would ask me to describe my first week at CIM Horyzonty with a few words, I’d rather choose “bright and colorful”. Finally there were 4 ...
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Report for the 1st week of September - Calin

Report for the 1st week of September – Calin

As we are already in the 4th and last week of September, it's been quite a while since this ESC program started, at least for me, as I've arrived on the 1st of the month ...
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