Weekly Report 23/09-30/09/2019 – Zacharoula

So it’s been a month since my ESC started and I can now say with confidence that volunteering rocks! The city of Poznań was known to me while I was studying here, but now I have the opportunity to discover its beauty with different friends and for a different purpose.

We almost gathered all, 4 volunteers from Ukraine, Romania, Italy and Greece and we have already done enough: we have participated in events, we have met our mentors and our project partners, we have dealt with bureaucracy, we have had Polish lessons, we have attended a workshop about managing the website and about teaching foreign languages, we have become open books to be „read” by local students and we have been in a 3 day trip of acquaintance and relaxation!

Personally, I am very pleased that despite the difficulties and disagreements that may arise from time to time, we are always able to solve everything, have fun and be a team in action. I am looking forward to do much more and let you know in detail next month!

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