WEEKLY ARTICLE 24-27.02.2020

WORKING HARD Looking back to the last week I feel that we are on the right track! The weather in February is not very favorable for walks and outside activities, and it means...Continue reading

My week in Poznan 03-07.02.2020

Hello to everyone! I want to share my stories this week․ The week began with a regular workshop․ We all shared about the work we did last week, gave feedback on the workshops we had done last...Continue reading

My December with CIM HORYZONTY

December was a busy month for me. I have been a photographer since November. In December I photographed ten events. December featured a letter writing marathon we had started with Kalin and Aisha in November....Continue reading

WEEKLY REPORT 13-17.01.2020

REUNION A large amount of projects and tasks, that we had to finish by the end of the year, unavoidably led to a deterioration in relations within our team and unfortunately, we came back with the...Continue reading

3rd week of December – Ayse

Hello! Its me, Ayşe again and im very happy to explain you what we had in this week. It was the week after our big events “Writing Letters Marathon” and “Human Library” we were really tired and thats why our lovely coordinators gave us a free Monday. Continue reading

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