3rd week – Skalvo

During the week from 16.09 till 22.09 the group composed by Esc volounters and permanent members of CIM Horyzonty had some activities connected with organization of events like Parking day, human library and parking day in the lazarz district.Continue reading

November: A Month of New Challenges for Me (Narek)

The first working week of November was very busy for me. For the first time in my life, I taught Russian for beginners. I was very tense during the preparatory phase, but during the lesson the tension was overwhelmed by the presence and support of my colleague Anna. Anna is from Ukraine and has experience in teaching Russian.Continue reading

Weekly Report 23/09-30/09/2019 – Zacharoula

So it's been a month since my ESC started and I can now say with confidence that volunteering rocks! The city of Poznań was known to me while I was studying here, but now I have the opportunity to discover its beauty with different friends and for a different purpose.Continue reading

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