The Weekly article for the 2nd week of November :D

Hey there, the Romanian is back on the ‘to-do list’ for the article again! Yaay, now, let me tell you some more about what has happened during the last week in our lives.

Everything started back in 2009…no, it actually started last Tuesday, as Monday was still free (God bless the Polish Holidays) and we started in full force, sort to say, as we went on to have the Polish Classes with Anna (learning more and more in that department), after which we had to prepare our language classes. All of us had some good times during these classes, even I, who I am very skeptical about these, had a feeling of accomplishment after this, as for the first time I felt that I was able to give the message that I wanted to give.

Given that I was feeling really sick (and still am, thanks for asking), I did not go to the kids at the Democratic School this week, instead replacing that time with office work, and office work I did, as I had to help in the creation of some stickers, and materials, in general, for different events that we’re going to have in the following weeks. I was really glad that I was able to put myself in the ‘front lines’ for this, as I feel like everyone was drowning in work, so I did what I do best, offered a helping hand, trying my best to succeed in the tasks that I was given. So, after this helping hand that I gave to the people in the office (Ula, Alvaro and Marta) I had to prepare myself for the Romanian presentation in Krąg, in which I, with the help of Zacha, Salvatore and Flora, presented my country in a funny way. Not only that but we made some delicious traditional food from Romania

On Thursday, same thing as the day before, but with a small twist, I had the monthly evaluation, in which I graded my performance for the month of October, giving it a 6 as I think I can still improve a lot in my work. 

Friday was a kinda decent day, as I only had the Polish classes and to swarm around the office, helping when needed. We finished with most of the materials for the week and we got them to our trusted place to print everything. Everyone was under a lot of stress, but when Ula, Marta and Alvaro went for their meeting, the work was done…more or less.

Saturday was a day full of surprises as it was the end day of the Tolerance Week, and at 5PM we had a ‘Happening’ that no one knew exactly what it was. It was *drumroll* a meeting with the Mayor of Poznan!! It was an interesting meet as we talked a bit about Romania and his Romanian friends, and how he never visited my country :’(. Still, after that, me, Ula, and the recruits of CIM went on for the Poznan Mowi po Polsku, an event that was held on St Martin Street, no.75, in which 2 people, one Spanish guy and one Peruvian girl spoke in POLISH to a mixed crowd of nationalities, as the event was open for both locals and foreigners alike.

So, that was my week in a nutshell, hope I didn’t bore you to death with all the small details and see you in 6 weeks (prolly even sooner 😉 )

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