3rd week – Skalvo

During the week from 16.09 till 22.09 the group composed by Esc volounters and permanent members of CIM Horyzonty had some activities connected with organization of events like Parking day, human library and parking day in the lazarz district. On Monday as every Monday the group meets at office to discuss about the future week and evaluate the previous one, trying to help who needs help and working in group. The same day all the esc volounters participated to human library event in ladne rzeczy where they had the opportunity to know what is an human library and also meet other people and their experiences and their lifes. On Thursday the group had the polish classes in the morning and than preparation of materials for the peace day of Saturday. From Wednesday to Friday the group had a session in strzeszynek lake where they had the opportunity to know better each other and than work about future works and evaluating the previous events and works. On Saturday the group has taken part to the event in lazarz parking day where they met the locals and share with them ideas and language games, given them books as prizes when they won. Sunday was a deserved free day for the group resting and preparing themselves for the next week coming.

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