Weekly Report 28/10-01/11/2019 – Zacharoula

Hello! It’s me again! I have news for you from last week!

The work goes on dynamically, our relationships expand, our horizons are getting broadened.

On Monday we attended a 3-hour first aid seminar, knowledge that in general is extremely useful. In fact, we had the opportunity to practice during the seminar. Take a look! 

On Tuesday, as every week, we prepared our teaching lessons and we taught foreign languages ​​(English, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek and Italian) at Klub Krąg. After all, teaching is a piece that personally gives me tremendous strength and confidence and I am happy every time I am given the opportunity to practice on that field and to offer my knowledge generously.

The following day, Wednesday, was a very important day for the Greek culture as we had a presentation of Greek cuisine at Klub Krąg. As a representative of Greece, with the help of our neighbor Italian Salvatore, we cooked traditional Greek dishes: lentils, fried zucchini and Cretan dacos salad. I had prepared a brief presentation about Greece in general (geography, history, culture, etc.) and, despite any mishaps that may have occurred up to the last minute (e.g. projector failure, damaged speakers, etc.), I was able to bring the smell of Greece into the room with the technical support of Calin from Romania! My mentor, Flora, helped me out with the translation.

Our week ended on Thursday (as Friday was a holiday) when we had our last meeting with students at school as part of the Living Book project. Indeed, this story could not have been more beautifully closed! We discussed with many students, answered questions, exchanged views, and gave them the opportunity to express themselves and talk about problems that are major to them (e.g. diploma exams). We were all very satisfied and we would love to repeat it!


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