November: A Month of New Challenges for Me (Narek)

The first working week of November was very busy for me;

For the first time in my life, I taught Russian for beginners. I was very tense during the preparatory phase, but during the lesson the tension was overwhelmed by the presence and support of my colleague Anna. Anna is from Ukraine and has experience in teaching Russian.

Next story is related to the primary school

I went to elementary school with my colleague Aisha for the first time,

We were trying to contribute to students’ social development; I am impressed by my knowledge of children’s mathematics. Children aged 6-7 were able to add and subtract numbers from 100th to 1000

” Writing Letter Marathon” Project coordination

Last week we launched a very important project;

Every December, Amnesty international supporters across the globe will write millions of letters for those whose basic human rights are being attacked.

Under the auspices of CIM HORYZONTY, I, Aisha and Kalin will be organizing an event in Poznan on December 7th from 12: 00-24: 00 where people will be able to share stories of imprisoned human rights and democracy activists around the world. and will be able to write a letter to them, or to the governments of those countries, which will promote the release of prisoners. The event can be found at this link . Last week we discussed the to-do list and clarified the timetables.

New responsibility at CIM HORYZONTY

Last week, I took charge as the photographer at CIM HORYZONTY

Photography is my favorite hobby; In Armenia I also loved taking pictures and raising issues through photography․ Last week I took a photo of the last event of the Living Library program, where participants assessed the impact of the program and what impressed them most.

I was very happy to learn that some of the participants were impressed with my story about access to drinking water in Armenia.

The week ended with another Polish course

I thought Polish would be very difficult for me to learn because I only knew the dziękuję word from Polish before coming to Poland. However, thanks to our teacher Anna, learning Polish has become a very easy and enjoyable process for me.

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