WEEKLY REPORT 13-17.01.2020

A large amount of projects and tasks, that we had to finish by the end of the year, unavoidably led to a deterioration in relations within our team and unfortunately, we came back with the same mood after the holidays. Everyone was sitting in his or her corner, barely interested in each other’s life. Nevertheless, the new year came and slowly we started to think about some new projects that are expected of us this year. Mostly because all governmental institutions are busy after the holidays, we concentrated our efforts on our teamwork as well as improving our skills.
So on Monday, we were talked about our experiences at the local partners and it was really cognitively since no one really knew what the others were doing. I was working at „a recycling store”, how I call it, with the name „Druga Szansa”, what literally means „a second chance”. And a funny fact is that during the preparation of this small presentation, I really found how much I have learned there and what a great time I had! It is really sad, that this store has now closed down.
Tuesday run ordinary since we had our regular language classes, but during the next 3 days, we met for 3 workshops, which finished with a small celebration at a vegan restaurant and team building at the Jumping centre in Poznan. It was super cool! Physical activities always unites, but this time it was even better. We were full of enthusiasm after the workshop and a tasty lunch and this jumping centre was so big and variable, that everyone found what they liked the most. It was the best ending to the week!

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