Article for the last Week of December

Well, hope you missed a long and drawn out story because it’s, again, my turn to speak about the time we spent in CIM Horyzonty, the last week of December, to be precise. 

Our Monday started, as per usual, with the group meeting, which was mainly a “farewell party” where we discussed what we did these past few months, what are our plans for the holidays and so on + the fact that Santa Horyzonty got us some sweets and an agenda, which was nice. <3

After the meeting, everyone went with their business as per usual, I cannot remember exactly what but I know for sure that Anna, me and Zacha went to UAM for their “Christmas Celebration” where we presented some specific traditions from our countries (Ukraine, Romania and Greece) and sang some carols in Polish and English, thing that really got me in the Christmas spirit. 

The next day, starting really early (8:35) we had a workshop in the High school in which we have the office about Air Pollution in Romania and Poland, which was really informative for the participants, as they were very engaged in what we were saying. As the workshop finished, I remembered that I had Polish Classes immediately after and that I didn’t do my homework. So, as the workshop finished, I rushed to our office (where all my Polish stuff was) and did it surprisingly well for my ‘esteemed’ level in this language. As the last lesson for the year finished, I was starting to realise how close we were to the end of the first half of the project and how fast the time flew. 

Wednesday was a…weird day because there was literally no one but me and another caretaker at the Democratic School for quite a while but when the people arrived, the fun came with them. After that, myself, Salvatore and Emille went to Krag to help them organise the hall for an event that they were going host the next day.

Tuesday rolled in, which was my last day in Poland for the year, and it was quite a busy day, to be completely honest, starting off with the Democratic School in the morning, where the kids showed up for the ‘Christmas Special’ Spanish Lesson with Marta. After everything was done there, I left to rest a bit so that I’ll be fresh for the Evaluation meeting that was going to take place in the afternoon. Things went smoothly again, given, I really like these meetings, as I can speak freely on whatever I have in my disturbed mind. As soon as that finished, Alvaro, me and Ula went to the Christmas meeting for Volunteers in the WRK center, where we had a decent amount of fun.

That was all from me for the year 2019, hope it was as good a year as it was for me and see you in a month or so.

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