Weekly Report 27/01-31/01/2020 – Zacharoula

We are almost in the middle of our volunteering venture and I realize that time flies! This week we recharged our batteries and handled various events. Initially, on Monday, I had the honor of conducting a workshop on the European Solidarity Corps and volunteering opportunities. Over the course of 3 hours, the workshop proved to be a huge success as the participants happily performed the games and activities, conducted discussions and questions, and in general the climate was calm. I am very pleased and grateful to those who helped me (Ula, Ayse, Narek and Calin)!

Then, on Tuesday, we had an intercultural evening at the Klub Osiedlowy Krąg. We were very pleased with the fact that several people attended the event, since we had prepared a number of activities for them about our countries (more information can be found in my article here https://cimhoryzonty.org/en/others/intercultural-evening-28-01-2020/). Needless to say, but the attendees found themselves speechless by the traditional (vegan) Greek recipe for a kind of sweets called „melomakarona”!

On Wednesday, after the kindergarten, we attended a workshop on nonviolent communication. We found it quite useful, despite the demanding theory. We learned about the distinction of emotions, thoughts, needs, observations and reality.

On Thursday, as always, I went to the kindergarten and I filled my day with smiles, hugs and games and finally, on Friday, we closed this week with a workshop about conflicts and the productive ways to solve them. In the afternoon we went ice for skating and we rocked the floor!

Well, thanks for reading my experiences and coming back again soon!

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