Intercultural evening 28/01/2020

Interculturalism in a society is a given fact and needs to be safeguarded and promoted. Driven by this idea, we organized a different afternoon at Klub Osiedlowy Krąg, an afternoon full of different cultures, people, ideas, games and knowledge. The program included introductory games, knowledge quizzes, dancing, singing, discussion and eating. Greece, Italy, Turkey, Armenia, Romania and Ukraine joined forces to create a beautiful result of intercultural information and entertainment.

In more detail, the first activity concerned some well-known monuments, sights and landscapes representative of each country. Then the guests were invited to match each country with its capital. A drawing of a symbol representing each country followed, as well as a song quiz, that is, listening to the first seconds of a song and finding the title and the singer. Then the guests were asked about famous people, alive and not, from each country and finally they were given a piece of paper with general knowledge questions. Of course, after all these activities, it was time for singing and dancing. We danced traditional Turkish dances and came closer to every culture and every civilization. We gave these people the joy and opportunity to meet the unknown, the undiscovered. Also, the group of Italian language students sang for us the song “bella ciao”, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Last but not least, the various dishes or pastries of each country could not be excluded from such an evening. Greece’s melomakarona were once again highly appreciated!

This is how we have shared with the people of this district our way of life back in our countries, our knowledge and some facts. Few knew, for example, what the name of pierogi in Ukrainian is, if Dracula of Romania was a real person, how many regions Italy has, what the population of Turkey is, who said the famous Greek phrase “I know that I know nothing” and what is the official religion of Armenia.

It was our great pleasure and honor to spread the value of multiculturalism and we would gladly do so again!

Zacharoula Antoniou

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