WEEKLY ARTICLE 24-27.02.2020

Looking back to the last week I feel that we are on the right track!
The weather in February is not very favorable for walks and outside activities, and it means that we are really concentrated on our projects and events.

After some theory about non-violent communication, on Monday meeting we had a very productive discussion with practical exercises about this method.
Later the same day Zacharoula and Calin were leading the workshop about European Solidarity Corp promotion, which is aimed to promote volunteering work with ESC. It was the second meeting about this topic, and I saw that the atmosphere there was really nice.

Tuesday is the day of language classes and this time I prepared exercises about furniture and everything we have in the house. The lesson was easy because a lot of words in Ukrainian are similar to polish, but at the same time there are some, that sounds the same, but have totally different meanings, so we also had a lot of fun, because these mistakes are very hilarious.

Wednesday was a day of Armenian presentation and I and Zacha were helping Narek at the kitchen. I like those presentations, because of the atmosphere of unification that we have during preparation for it. And I have no doubts that seniors like them a lot too. It’s never too late to open new cultures.

Thursday must be boring because I was just working with the documents at the office, but in the evening we had a mentors-volunteers night at the billiard club, so it compensated for everything. I and Narek had a separate table, and apart from a good game, he also took very nice photos.

And we finished the week on Friday with a big discussion about the upcoming conference at the university on which we are going to have our table and some time for presentation, so we are working hard to make it exciting.

That was our last week of February, see you in March 😉

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