WEEKLY REPORT 4.09-15.09.2019


Hi, my name is Anna, I am from Ukraine and if someone would ask me to describe my first week at CIM Horyzonty with a few words, I’d rather choose „bright and colorful”.
Finally there were 4 of us and we’ve started some introductional meetings firstly at the office and then in our partner organizations. Each day we were visiting one of the Partners telling them who we are, from where we’ve come and what we are going to do over the next 11 months. Each of the associations was welcoming us in return and explaining specific of their occupation and ideology.
Krąg – impressed me with the energy of seniors, that are coming to learn, to talk, to cook and even dance at their friendly location.
Kindergarten in the forest was just a dream location for outdoor activities with kids.
Druga szansa (Second chance) store have fulfilled me with inspiration on how to turn your old furniture into some new cool things for the home.
Non-formal school „Horizont” was a place to think about the importance of education and the ways we can get some new knowledge.
And the cherry on the cake was Saturday city event – called NGO day, where more than 40 non-governmental organizations from all around the Poznan was representing their works and activities and where we were playing some international games explaining to people who CIM Horyzonty are.
Variegated beginning, I would say, but let’s wait for more 😉

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