First international training „It’s Up to Us!”

The first international workshop in Poland, Mikuszewo 6-14.09.202 was organized as part of the project „It’s Up to Us!”. It gave us the possibility of getting experience of forum theatre play as an actor/actress. We were able to learn about different stages of the Theatre of the Oppressed method’s games, image theatre, Forum Theatre leading to making a presentation to participants’ local communities.

Trainers experienced in the Theatre of the Oppressed equipped us – the PARTICIPANTS, with the necessary competencies to use Forum Theatre to make a social change in multiple local communities in Europe.

During the training we could do something completely different each day:

07.09. We’ve got to know each other and we had a lot of activities for group building.

08.09 We discovered Image Theatre by opening our senses and using only our bodies to express our ideas.

09.09. We were building our
scenario by looking for
the important questions.

10.09 It was the day when we visited Poznań!

11.09 In groups we were preparing
Forum Theatre.

12.09 And this day we could show what we prepared!

13.09 It was a day full of reflections, evaluations of the process, plans for local
action, and also full of goodbyes.

It was magical and very useful training!

The aim of the project „It’s Up to Us!” is to develop competencies of youth workers or activist settings in the use of Forum Theatre by exploring Theatre of the Oppressed concepts, with a particular focus on Forum Theatre as a tool for building dialogue and creating space for social change. This three-part project is a space for developing complex competencies for the Joker in Forum Theatre in different areas: as a facilitator, moderator, director, joker of the forum, motivator, mentor, manager, and coordinator. During the course, participants will discuss the oppressions they encounter in their local communities.

Co-financed under the Erasmus + program of the European Union

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