There is no shortage of common culture stereotypes about every social group. Chances are you have heard most of stereotype examples at some points. In fact, stereotypes are a bit like air: invisible but always present. We all have multiple identities and all of us have different opinion about stereotypes.

Since I have started thinking what seniors think about stereotypes I decided to find out their opinion about this topic. On 26th of April we met in cultural house “krag” and had a conversation about stereotypes. From the beginning me, as a facilitator asked them how they define stereotypes and after this explained them exactly definition of stereotypes. Then we started talking about positive and negative stereotypes. Seniors have had a lot examples about both traits and explained why is dangerous negative stereotypes and how should we use positive stereotypes.

We were talking about how stereotypes are formed and realized that, because people really don’t know other people and they are usually based on misinformation and opinions, that’s why people use stereotypes.

In the end of meeting we tried to find way how to avoid stereotypes and we got some ideas about this. Seniors think that if we want to avoid stereotypes we have to be more open, befriend everyone and understand that everyone is different.

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