Krakow’s exchange

The EVS life  is  an amazing  experience where all the volunteers enjoy and live a huge growing up in professional and personal ways. But it is true that each one has a different experience depend on many aspects could influence on it: the organisation, the place where live, the colleagues or the work they do. These kind of matters are always sharing in the arrival and mid-term trainings. Two obligatory courses that all of the EVS volunteers must attend at the beginning  and at the middle term of the project period.

Regarding in the mid-term  is where I met  Sariyya Malikova one of the volunteers from Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju i Integracji Młodzieży STRIM  based in krakow. Then both, me and her decided to make this exchange as an extra-activity under  European Volunteering Service to discover how the other is living her EVS experience. Then, the last week from  Monday the 6th till Wednesday the 8th Sariyya came to Poznan. These days she lead one workshop about  LOGB personality test, and she was the guest for the International Culinary session presenting her country: The Republic of Azerbaijan.

From thursday to Sunday it was me who went to Krakow. On friday morning I went to two kindergardens where I made different activities in spanish connected to art field.Then on saturday afternoon I also made a workshop which was called “Diving into yourself” as dissemination of a Erasmus plus course “Relead training course”. It was the second time I did this activity and it was again an amazing experience to see how much helpful are the exercises I explain to discover themselves deeply for all the participants.

But the most important thing has been to realize both volunteers about the differences between one and other project. Also because in both there are advantages and disadvantages connected to schedule, place to live, or volunteers. As a conclusion  we can say that it was an amazing decision to make this exchange. We learnt even more from our projects.


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