Weekly report 06-12.05.19

On Saturday I came back from my week in Berlin, where I was staying with a friend. Speaking so much German left an unwanted affect on me, I didn’t think in English anymore and was struggling suddenly be only understandable if I talked in English.

But till I went back to work on Monday, I luckily got used to it again. In the Monday meeting, we discussed the schedule and tried to log into the new website. Afterwards, I had my working hours in the office.

The next day, Keti and I met in the office to prepare a presentation  for the city hall and to discuss the manual workshops with Kamilla. Later I had to prepare my german class for the evening and then implement it.

On Wednesday we went to the primary school to play outside with the children and then we helped Sariya and Beka in Krąg with cooking. Sariya is an EVS volunteer from Azerbaijan. She was staying the week at Sara’s flat and was doing her country presentation in Krąg. After the cooking and the presentation, we went to the city because Sariya was already leaving on Thursday and hadn’t really been in the city yet.

Thursday was the day of the presentation, that we made on Tuesday. We went to the city hall and presented. I had to leave the meeting earlier to go to the primary school and make leisure time activities. In the evening, I packed my things for the human rights workshop in BK (Bystrzyca Kłodzka).

We went in different groups, some people went by car, some by train. I was lucky, that I could go by car. We met on Friday at 1pm and arrived around 6pm, so we had some time to explore the beautiful nature of BK before the workshop formally started on Saturday morning. Being in the mountains was unexpectedly refreshing for me. I thought, because I basically grew up in a town, surrounded by nature and silence, it wouldn’t be such  a special experience for me. But apparently through my time in Poznan I got so used to noises and bad air, that BK felt like paradise and I was as relaxed as never before in my life.

The Saturday session began with group work as in introduction, focusing on discriminated groups, how to raise awareness and what you can do to protect your own rights. Then we concentrated on diagnosing polish social movements. In the afternoon, we made a walk and during this walk, we discussed different (controversial) questions regarding human rights and especially the issues, you have to face, when you’re trying to fight for them.

On Sunday, we collected the conclusions of those questions and thought about, what we want to change in Poland. We made groups, each focusing on a different issue, and wrote recommendations. Afterwards,  we presented the ideas and discussed about where to send these recommendations to. Emma

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