Welcome to a new chapter of “Volunteering life”! After few weeks without writing, I do not know how to start. I suppose that I ought to stick toward the main purpose of these articles which is telling about our EVS experience in Poznan.

During this week, we have carried on with our daily activities. After Christmas and Winter holidays, we have started thinking about new projects that we are going to do. We met up with our coordinators to decide where we can go in next weeks and what to do. It seems that we are going to carry out some activities in few primary schools within Łazarz district. Last weeks of last year, I was doing some workshops with this target group and results were really positive. Children were open minded towards foreign people and they were motivated to take part in our activities. That encourages to go on with this work. Having this in mind, I am expected to know how they are going to react with new topics. Which topics? As it is time for our personal project, I thought that we could develop activities focused on social issues. This is why I have designed several workshops about this kind of topics: gender equality, refugees issue and consequences of policies about disadvantage people. By far, I have only developed the gender workshop although I am working in the rest, too. Regarding this topic, we have been talking with English teacher in Primary School nr.77 and she offered her collaboration. Thanks to that, we are going to try to raise awareness about how important it is to distribute housework. Being together with children between 6 and 10 years old, we will be able to influence them, in a positive way. We truly believe that these experiences in first socialization with foreigners will endure them. I believe that it will be a great experience for everybody!

Although I think that I have already written too much, I cannot finish without mentioning our last project: Language Island. Last weeks, we have been meeting with Marta who is Tandem Pub owner. Thanks of her collaboration, we have carried out a weekly event where people can speak different languages and talk about current issues. Topic of this week was “International Poznan”. This week has been our premiere and, in my opinion, it has been a success. Although we have been problems, we got to meet a kind group of people. Besides, their feedback was quite positive and they looked fancy to help us with the promotion. Knowing that we have not still done as diffusion as we are able to do, I think that Language Islands is going to be one of the most trending events on Tuesday evenings. Working hard to announce it, I am pretty sure that there will be plenty of people. Thanks everybody for help us and we will see next day there!

I just have to say good bye until my next report. I am sure that I will not stop enjoying this project and this awesome city, then. ¡Nos vemos!

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