Each time that I must write this report, I notice how fast the time is spending here. It means that the end of this wonderful experience is coming, although I prefer to think that we are enjoying a lot.

Last week began to prepare a workshop about tolerance for Gimnazjum 51. I could take part in because I was knowing the beautiful cities in the centre which form Trojmiatro. But as far as I could see, my coordinators and my workmates did a great job due to Tuesday’s workshop work quite well. Being honest, everybody did not pay enough attention but it is sometimes difficult to reach our goal in a big group whether we only have an hour for that. But as sunny days are coming to Poznan and I feel quite positive, I am going to say that we will be able to improve it. Indeed, I already knew the game that we carried out and I am sure that it might work very well.

Ventzi and I came to one of the Primary Schools in our neighbourhood. This time, I tried to do a presentation about my country more focus on those aspects which could be more interesting for a pre-teenager group such as music, dance or sports. I think that they enjoyed more than when I focused it towards cultural issues like gastronomy or art. In the end, they are just children and I should have considered the features of target group. I am telling that because it is probably something that I have learnt during my EVS. For his part, Ventzi prepared an activity about healthy lifestyle which was dynamic and funny. I think it is the only volunteer who can tire children out.

We spent the whole Thursday morning in an elderly residence by playing the theatre performance about Poznan legend of two goats. It is worth to notice that I have already known this legend thus a friend told me (as far as theatre is in Polish, I had lost some details about it). Right now, I can tell this legend to whom are coming to visit us. By the way, it was my birthday and all the actors and actresses sang “Sto lat” for me. Besides, I received plenty of hearts as a gift. ☺

Regarding weekly regular activities, I would like to tell that Languages islands is still working better each new event. Last time we were speaking English, French and, as a novelty, Russian (a volunteer from another city helped us). On this occasion, we organized event with EVSers of Jeden Świat. It was a pleasure and I would like to carry on with this collaboration. Last and not least, I ended labour week by going to warm house close to our flat with my Spanish students of homeschooling project. I must thank for invitation and I will say that it is always nice when we develop alternative activities. By the way, I have never seen butterflies as big as I say there. I hope not have nightmares with them.

Finally, although it is not related with my activities in the project, I would like to tell that I have enjoyed the most international birthday party that I have ever had. Reviewing with another volunteer how many people we know from different countries, we noticed that after EVS, we will be able to visit almost every country in Europe knowing one person at least there. EVS is definitely and awesome experience.

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