Recently it seems to me that days go by without separation. Without much of a, hm, let’s say – distinction. No, of course, I still sleep, at least I think so, but apart from that everything else merges together. Together, till it gets one and the same. I.e. good and bad, good or bad, they look so much the same, I wonder why.. and this is not to say that I’m depressed or something. On the opposite, in fact, I am more productive, focused, grounded than ever before in my life. Not to mention personal life. I had few relationships that really skyrocketed! I’m talkin’ in terms of trust and loyalty.

How’s work, you may ask. Well, work is good. It’s funny, cuz I can bet a million (if I had one), that my definition of good is far from yours, and vice versa, but let me try to explain. I had many arguments and, as one may define it – negative talks, with one of my coordinators. And truth be told, they were far from impressed from me. In fact, the opposite. I think if the times of arguing lasted for just a few more minutes, I’d have been dead, haha. It’s true, I make mistakes, I do. Also I’m 100% aware that I’m far from the favorite. Maybe more on the other pole? Still, making mistakes is part of my life, and I’m not to be sorry about it. Why be sorry about something you can NEVER escape?? That’s pure torture. Now, don’t get me wrong. That is not to say that I don’t care. In essence, I probably care more than anyone else. Hm, maybe this is the problem? Before I conclude on this part, I want to leave an open question here that is the following-“When a follower fails, do we say it’s the leader’s fault for not being a good leader or do we say it’s the follower’s fault for not being a good follower?”. Being aware that I’m 90% to be criticized, or in other words, be given feedback, haha, I shall stop with the philosophy, and focus more on the actual work that has been done.

  • Mid-term evaluation- Torun
    • Length is important for this one. It was 1 week, so trying to write all the activities that have taken place there would be way too long. One thing you may want to know is, that it was all worth it for sure. And it was a very good experience to have for a young person.
    • Literally had more than probably 50, small and not so small, activities. Such that helped us form a vision of the future. Establish our current strongest character traits. To know better, what one is doing in life
  • Homeschooling
    • On the topic of – critical thinking
  • Language islands
    • Covering few very important topics, long ones though, like what is like:
      • Abortion in Poland. Abortion in your country.
      • Discrimination of all sorts
      • Typical stereotypes for living abroad. How others perceive you, how you perceive them
      • Politics
      • Governmental institutions and issues created by them. How to avoid them and what to do about it.
  • Taking part in theatre performance
  • Organizational meetings discussing different important topics
  • Different presentations and workshops for children of varied ages. Different schools and classes involved
  • Technical work
    • Setting up stage properly for performances
    • Physical work. Heling with transportation of objects
  • More of the above, in different shapes

Shall we conclude already? Trying to make long story short, I’d finish by saying it’s been few wonderful weeks, full of new people, experiences and above all EXCITEMENT! No, not every moment is as exciting as I make it sounds in this report but overall.. it is.Life goes on, and I learn more and more to enjoy every single moment of it. No matter how I’ve been programmed to define it. Amazing? The worst? Good? Bad? Practical? Impractical? Please… what are all these but a constantly changing definitions, based on our current mood, deeply hidden and ignored egoistic needs, and emotions? Exactly! I hope we are on the same page but in case we’re still not, I’m stopping with all this RIGHT here, right now! Haha, cheers, and have a good day, night, or maybe even a life.

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