The time that we have spent here has been great! Before we came here, some of us were a bit scared, jet very excited. It is obvious, because you never know what to expect.

First meeting was after the day of arrival. We went to our office and our coordintor explaind us what is CIM Horyzonty, what they do and what do they care about. Also we had a disscution about the workshops and other activieties that we will attend.

Later on that day, we went to language caffe. There we met a lot of people that were from different countries including Poland, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, Italy and more. And there were options to speak and learn different languages. It was very useful and fun. We liked the idea that we could choose what languages we want to learn and which not to.

During the week we attended different place and did different activities. We were intoduced to the teenagers that we will work with and explaid who we are and what are we going to do. Also we we introduced to our polish teacher and learned basics of polish. To some of us it was a bit hard because of the pronunciation, but laearning new language takes time and we will try to make best of it.

Another activitie was a meeting in city centre and learn about posilh culture. It was great, we learned a lot and there were interesting activities to do, for example we made a puzzle of famous polish buildings, discovered polish map and lerarned about polish history.

Also some of us will teach our mother language to children and we had a meeting with them.

Also we had a presentation in high school for teenagers about EVS and other things to do after high school. Some of us were sharing our experiences about studying abroad and working. It was great experience and we think that teenagers liked it.

By far everything has been great, we try to get along with each other despite of our differences, we try to adapt into new country and understand what are we going to do!

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