We are already in June; thus, it means that summer is coming! We have spent eight months in Poznań. Damn it! I feel that I’ve leapfrogged upon the time. Yet, I don’t want to blame anymore about it because it’s basically been the beginning of every report.

Lately, I have been reflecting with some people about somewhat that we have undergone so far. Besides those well-known matters that I’ve already talked about (such as living abroad, intercultural experience and so on), I could say that my main achievement is probably being to make up my mind by looking towards the future. All in all, I think that to a greater or lesser extent, everyone must get something about such an experience. Even though the project is passing brief, needless to say that one year is much time. In my opinion, wasting your time is the greatest lack of self-respect. Well, don’t misunderstand my words. As people who knows me know, I like having fun, chilling out and I understand the life without both stress and competitiveness. Nevertheless, I always need to reach any kind of learning that I may carry out. Regarding this, my intentions about embarking my own project has undoubtedly been my best achievement. I could say that project leads me up to be a social entrepreneur. Now, it’s time to know if I will be able to manage with such a big responsibility. Yet, I feel I am ready.

Before starting telling our last week, I would like to mention briefly about a gender event that I was involved in. Although that event took place, I consider justified my mention because nobody reports anything before (because I was the only collaborator with in that, I’m not accusing anyone). As far as I could understand (because I had a translator from time to time, thanks for it, Karolina ☺), I think it was a useful space to give rise ideas about this hot topic. Of course, I can’t say that everything was completely perfect (obviously), but the participants could create a comfortable environment as well as they developed an interesting debate by helping the society to be a little bit more egalitarian. I think that it’s now time to carry it towards harsher places. By the way, I felt kind of strange because I was showing the Spanish about such a matter by being a man. I appreciate that they were benevolent with regard to this fact.

After my little preface, I’m going to tell that my week began with a Skype interview with new Spanish volunteers who are going to do an EVS the next year. A lot of memories about that moment last year. It was fun seeing myself on the other side of the screen, when I was recently one of those guys who had plenty of doubts. Regarding my tips, I was probably too much optimistic because few of them will have any kind of trouble. But I’m sorry, I just shared my experience which is being exciting.

This week has been time to Irish culinarian workshop with Alan from Jeden Świat… and it happened something that it seldom happens during such events. Kamila could eat! With Alan as master chef, we prepared some vegan (as well as free gluten) dishes in a generous quantity. It was a nice beginning for Łazarz’ days in which we took part in through our own brass band within the parade. It’s beautiful thinking that a neighbourhood is organizing itself through these events. By now, we have ended up with a Cosmic event in order to celebrate Children Day’s. Great job from Marú! I say by now because I’m writing these lines and, meanwhile, some events are taking place in Łazarz.

Stay tuned! 

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