Hello ! Another 2 weeks have passed. We have helped in the kates making workshops that took place because of Lazarus on project that try to prepare the space for integration of local community of our district Lazarus. Moreover I went to a kindergarden that was in Wrzesnia in order to carry out a presentation about France because it was the special day to celebrate French culture.

It was really interesting because the kids was deeply interested and opened for knowing the French Country. Then after that, I felt very glad because of having been able to share something about France. Our Language Islands are still going on with a lot of other topics (AS WHAT??;). Furthermore we are preparing a video about EVS life. We also have different presentations fot young people in order to explain what is EVS and what is our organisation CIM „Horyzonty”. But the last, but not the least 2 months we are preparing news workshops.

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