In the beginning of this week my roommate and fellow volunteer came back from Georgia. Beka arrived in Poznan and it was very nice to finally reunite.

On Monday, we had an important meeting about the changes in the new year. From now on, each one of us volunteers has a specific office day to bring more structure into our working schedule. We also discussed the upcoming activities. Keti and me will, for example, start going to the primary school NR. 77 to provide leisure time activities for the students. Of course, our ongoing projects will continue. Every two weeks will be a presentation in Krąg of a different country, accompanied by delicious food. The cooperation with the schools, where we assist the language teachers, hasn’t changed as well.

In the afternoon followed a workshop about how to improve the CIM Horyzonty website.

On Tuesday we continued with the workshop, but more focused on choosing new designs.

On Wednesday we had Polish class and the project in Krąg continued with the Ukrainian presentation.

Sara returned on Thursday evening from Spain. Finally back together!

The week ended with another Polish class and a meeting to discuss, how to rearrange the office on Monday.

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