After holidays, we are starting to work! We plan to make new entertaining activities. Our work in this week started with a debate. Those debate had place in the high school, where we met with our foreigner guests. They shared with students their experience about living in Poland. Activity was really nice, everyone was participating with the smile on the face. Students were really interested about this topic, they were asking a lot of questions and receiving proper and satisfying answers.

Speaking about second event… We participated in WOŚP 27th final! This is very big event involving almost all Polish people and every Polish region. In WOŚP finals – Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy – people are having concerts, crazy activites and so on.. but the most important is the aim – people are sharing their money with other people (it is mostly directed to childrens’ health).

Volunteers are going to the city and they are collecting the money given by other people into special WOŚP boxes. In return WOŚP volunteers are giving these people red stickers in heart shape. But these boxes and hearts, and volunteers ID cards, and much more things have to be prepared before. Exactly. And here (but not only) we had partly our role. We were helping volunteers to fold boxes, prepare needed materials and so on and so forth. Next day we were taking part in distribution of these materials and after this we went with some volunteers and their DOGS (Golden Retrievers!) into the city to help them collect the money and distributing red heart stickers.

All this event was fantastic!

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