Emma – report

Now it’s my turn to write the weekly report. Maybe I should introduce myself first. My name is Emma and I am from Germany. Yes, I am the volunteer that Alvaro described as (and I am quoting) „the nicest“. I decided to come to Poland because I needed time to figure out, what to do with the rest of my life. After two months, I still have no clue but I am sure I will get there.

I want to start with the weekend because Alvaro and me spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning with a bunch of kids, who stayed overnight at an fitness studio. Organised by their Aikido team. First, we did Aikido. Well, I tried to do it, while Alvaro was taking pictures. Then, we went to a jumping Arena and later, we had a funny Party, where I dressed up as Pikachu. On the next day, we went bowling. My job was mainly to have fun with the kids, which I did. So yay.

On monday, we had polish class like every week and I prepared my classes for friday.

On tuesday, we went to a hospital to paint the staircase and met very nice people. Maybe I am not the best painter but I tried. Afterwards, we went home and prepared our language lessons, which we give each tuesday. Each lesson I feel a little bit more confident in my role of a teacher. Also preparing the lessons comes more natural to me now.

On wednesday, Keti, Ula and me met to talk about Amnesty International writing letters marathon, which will be at 8th of December at Pireus and all of you are invited to come. In case, you want to know more about the marathon and the heroes of this year, check out the CIM Horyzonty facebook page.

On thursday, I had my monthly evalution meeting with Ula. It’s always nice to spend some quality time with her. In the afternoon, we invited the new volunteers, who will help us with the human library and the writing letters marathon. They are all very nice and motivated people and I’m looking forward to work with them.

On friday, Sara and me took the tram to the Social school. I held my presentation about carneval in germany and made a lesson about school subjects. In addition, I played a game about Germany with the students. It was my first facilitating something at this school but the teachers are very nice and helped me a lot, so I think I did fine. Next week, I will talk about things you can do with your parents. In the afternoon, we had another polish lesson with Vampek.

That was my week. You will here from me again in like five weeks. Now I will look for some photos I can add to this well-written and beautiful article. Thank you for your time.

(The photos are not intentional so me centered but that’s how it is sometimes.)

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