My name is Ketevan Ivanidze. I am from Georgia.

I studied my Bachelor degree in profession International Relations and German Language. I want to write a little about myself, I am very active person and I like to take part in different kind of projects and activities.

I took part several times Erasmus + projects in different counties. I love so much outdoor activities, summer camps and hiking. I was working as a team leader, coordinator and trainer in the summer camps. I created my own summer ecological tents camp. I have experience as a facilitator and trainer but not so big, so because of it I wanted to get more experience how to be a good trainer. That is why I chose EVS.

Also this EVS gave me the chance to work with children. I want also to learn Polish language because after my EVS project I want to study my master degree in Poland.

I found really good EVS. It gave me chance to work with children, make workshops and make activities. For example craft workshops.

Now I would like to tell about this week. This week started very good on Monday me and Ula – my coordinator – went to craft shop and we bought so many things for craft workshop. I saw so many new things and I’ve got new ideas what I can create. It was really nice.

On Tuesday we had Galician presentation in Krąg. We prepared Galician national food, it was really delicious! Alvaro showed the presentation for seniors about Galicia.

We had also presentation about German country in the school for disabled children. It was really nice because these children were so active and interested in presentation. We were eating together German food which we prepared with children. I noticed that they were so, so happy, and this made me even more motivated!

Also we had craft workshop in Bukowska Center where we did basket of flowers. I was so happy because I’ve never imagined I can do this kind of things and I was proud of myself.

During this week we had 3 workshop about volunteering at school. It was really nice because children were so interested and involved in. I like so much this kind of activities with children.

On Friday, we had meeting with Ewa in old city center. Ewa is from Amnesty International. We spoke about Amnesty International event. It will be 8th of December in Pireus. We made some plans about our event. It was great!

End of this this day and also the week we had one amazing craft workshop about how to paint clothes. We’ve got some ideas and we painted clothes for ourself.

I have to tell it was really nice week. 🙂

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