Lana’s Exploration of Boundless Horizons: A Poznan Journey with ESC

Alright, let’s start the 2023 recap journey! My name is Lana, and I’ve been knee-deep in this ESC volunteering project since March 2023, let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride. The European Solidarity Corps isn’t just some fancy EU network; it’s a chance to get new experiences, make friends from all over the world, and maybe, just maybe, change the world a bit.

This report is my attempt to spill the beans on what happened during my time in Poznan. From tackling local issues to navigating the maze of cultural differences, I want to share and reflect on how this whole volunteering project has shaped me, and hopefully, how I’ve left a little mark on the places I’ve landed.

Life in a new country has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but adapting has been a wild ride. I unexpectedly started giving language lessons, finding it surprisingly enjoyable. Running workshops for energetic Polish teenagers turned into a culinary adventure, fostering connections and a pinch of teenage redemption.

Summer arrived sooner than expected. Coordinating a global team for a volunteering project felt like herding cats, but the chaos became a crash course in global friendship. Cultures collided, languages mixed, and we’re on a wild ride with my newfound international squad. Cheers to a summer of world-changing adventures!

Our volunteering project kicked off with a whirlwind of good vibes and mismatched name tags. Despite the mayhem, the diverse mix of faces and cultures quickly turned us into a tight-knit crew. As the team leader, navigating through accents and personalities felt like being a cool camp counselor. We laughed, shed a few tears, and got down to business with volunteering gigs. Leading the team was a wild ride, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Here’s to a summer of making memories, making a difference, and making lifelong pals.

Imagine a month of office shenanigans with the dream team. Joining this squad of business casual superheroes turned office work into a month-long sitcom of epic proportions. From coffee spill mishaps to inside jokes, we tackled spreadsheets, survived Monday meetings, and invented the art of the stealthy snack stash. Shoutout to the best team for turning mundane office hours into a month-long fiesta of productivity and laughter!

Fall arrived faster than summer, and a team shuffle brought both excitement and nostalgia. Saying goodbye to the OG crew was like breaking up with a favorite TV show. Change is constant, though, and the new team brings cool vibes. Cheers to the OGs for memories and inside jokes. Onward to the new crew; let’s see what adventures await!

I became an accidental party planner, co-organizing a Halloween bash. From spooky themes to balancing the playlist, it was a wild ride. The blood, sweat, and tears were worth it when the night arrived with jack-o’-lanterns, fake spiders, and a Halloween spirit alive and kicking. Being the accidental party planner is rewarding. Cheers to monster mashups, costume malfunctions, and a Halloween bash for the books!

Reflecting on collaborating with the alternative school Ferajna, I appreciate the kids who redefine education. No cookie-cutter lessons; they’re like Hogwarts minus the wands, running real-world projects and questioning everything. Collaborating with them is stepping into a parallel universe of creativity and critical thinking. Here’s to unconventional education and kids who make you question everything about learning!

As for the Christmas hype train this year, I am beyond excited to deck the halls and spread some holiday cheer in the local community. We’re talking caroling sessions that might be a little off-key but full of heart, hot cocoa gatherings that are an excuse for marshmallow overload, and a gift drive that’s going to put Santa’s workshop to shame. It’s not just about the tinsel and twinkly lights; it’s about making the season brighter for everyone around. This Christmas, I’m ready to turn up the festive vibes, jingle all the way, and sprinkle a bit of magic wherever I go. 'Tis the season for goodwill, and I’m here for it! 

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