Gio’s Volunteering Adventure with CIM Horizonty

I had an amazing time being part of a special volunteering project in Poznań with CIM Horizonty and the European Solidarity Corps. It was a journey filled with different activities, and I learned a lot while helping the community.

Spring: Making Friends and Teaching Italian
In the spring, we started by creating a friendly space for people from different backgrounds to meet and share their stories. This was called the Intercultural Café, and with our mentor Olga, we made it a warm and welcoming place working with kids from different schools. Also, I used to collaborate with a non-conventional school, called Parokrok. Besides that, I also got to teach Italian to adults and younger—some were just starting, and others were at a more advanced level. It wasn’t just about language; it was also about bringing people together.

Summer: Leading Teams and Fun Activities
When summer arrived, it was all about leading teams and organizing activities for short-term volunteers. We worked with kids and elderly folks, doing fun and creative activities together. The focus was on making learning enjoyable without the traditional classroom setting. I even got to attend a one-week training in Warsaw to learn more about creative ways of teaching and communicating effectively.

Fall: Saying Goodbye and Looking Back
As fall rolled around, it was time to say goodbye and reflect on everything we’d done. We expressed gratitude, shared our experiences, and said our farewells to the community we had become a part of. Reflective sessions helped us think about how much we had grown and how our efforts had made a positive impact on both us and the community.

Being part of the ESC project with CIM Horizonty was an incredible experience. From making friends in the spring to leading activities in the summer and reflecting in the fall, each part was special. It taught me the power of helping others, learning from different cultures, and growing together as a community. This report is a way of sharing the journey and showing how volunteering can make a real difference in people’s lives I want to give a special thanks to Ula and Marta for selecting me and allowing me to live this amazing experience, and I feel really grateful for this. Thank you!

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