My first Easter in Poland

I arrived to Poland two months ago and it’s been an adventure ever since. But especially last week when Easter was around the corner. There were a lot of differences between Poland and The Netherlands and I needed to adapt. For me, it was great to see the differences and learn more about the culture. When I arrived at a local partner, they told me more about how Easter is celebrated in Poland. Many children were not there because they already left to be with family over the weekend. It was nice to see that a lot of kids were still in school and because it was a sunny day we went outside to enjoy the forest. After that we did some handcrafting and it was focused on Easter; we made bunnies and played with yarn. This was familiar to me because we do the same in The Netherlands. The kids loved to work in creative ways and focus on expressing themselves through artistic means.

My first Easter in Poland – Evi

The holidays started and my family came over to see me and to celebrate Easter together. We were surprised that almost everything was closed this week. I am used to open shops and terraces. We changed our plans and because the weather was nice, we could see many places and be active! We entered a church and there were a lot of people listening to the priest. This was great to see and experience because we celebrate Easter differently.

Over all, I learned a lot about Easter holidays in Poland. I loved celebrating it differently, because it broadened my view and it gave me a chance to experience new things.

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