3 Wonderful Weeks That Made Me Love Poland Even More

Hello Everyone,

During these three weeks I volunteered at Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury Nr 2. I had the opportunity to talk about Turkish culture, food and language with children from different age groups. In this process, I also prepared a presentation about Turkey’s geographical location, neighbors, regions, climate and flag. Of course, the most interesting thing was Turkish food. We all felt hungry while examining Turkish food hahah. I was very lucky in this process because we did Easter activities with the children and they taught me something about Easter culture. Of course thanks to their wonderful teacher Agnieszka.

She is very helpful and a good person. During my time there, I had the opportunity to chat with her about everything. She offered me  popular tea in Poland to try. It was also very nice of her to motivate the children by giving them gifts. Of course, she reinforced my knowledge of Polish culture by giving gifts :). I feel so somfortable with her.

3 Wonderful Weeks That Made Me Love Poland Even More – Nihal

In this process, we also talked about the holidays in my country. I can say that the idea of fasting for children was extremely surprising. We also did different activities outside with the children when the weather was nice. We drew pictures, played games and listened to live music. Agnieszka played the guitar for us and we sang together. In the process, I really learned a lot about Polish culture and language. Many thanks to Agnieszka and the children for their contribution…

I can’t wait to share the next new experience.

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