What do I like the most about „Gajówka”?

Karina – Ukraine

It’s my first experience ever as a kindergarten teacher, but I have a lot of positive feelings every time I go to my working place. It is called Przedszkole leśne „Gajówka” (http://www.przedszkolegajowka.pl) and it is located near Malta lake. I have been working there for about 2 months and never had any regrets.

Firstly, the process of working with children is astonishing. Though I do not speak Polish, I, as well as the children, try to learn from each other. I communicate with them in English, and they teach me some Polish words. we all love this!

Secondly, I appreciate the working atmosphere and much support from my colleagues. Even if some kindergarten teachers cannot speak the same language as me, they show me their full support and understanding. I never feel lost or abandoned. On the contrary, I feel part of the team even though I only work in „Gajówka” once a week for 4 hours.

Thirdly, the location of „Gajówka” is just great! It is not only close to Malta lake, but it also has a large forest and many small lakes in the proximity; so children can explore nature and learn many practical things through observation and direct contact. And so do I!

In the forest

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