Oh! Poland!

Greetings, my name is Francisco Silva, 24 years old, from Porto, Portugal. 

Two months have passed since I landed in Poznań, Poland. It may seem like a short time compared to the twelve months that I will be spending here on this ESC program, but the amount of experience and knowledge that I had during this time shows a different reality.

What I have experienced here has been amazing! New experiences, new people, and even new everyday challenges. That is what makes me jump out of my bed every morning.

Within these two months, I have travelled to our neighboring country – Germany. I have been able to take some responsibilities of great events – Theater of the Oppressed Training course, for instance, and to know more people in Poland through our European Solidarity Corps on-arrival training. These were the biggest events and the most important steps for my development so far.

Also, there is a lot of fun, especially when showing my culture and language to our organization’s local partners. This activity gave me a bitter-sweet moment. I was excited to show my culture but at the same time it showed me how much I miss my homeland.

But, Oh! Poland! You are great!

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