Theatre Workshops with Karina and Dani


During these last four months from March 2022 till June 2022, we have been going weekly to Piątkowska Szkoła, during these 16 visits to the school we were accompanied by Olga and Julka. 

We worked with a group of 17 Ukrainian children introducing them to different games and tools related to the theatre of the oppressed. Our main goal was to introduce movement into their routine, so we used different games to do so. Apart from movement, relaxation was another important topic for us, in this way Olga would work with the whole group, showing us different techniques to reach a relaxed state.

Apart from this, during these weeks we also played typical games such as Crocodile, Broken Telephone or practiced sports such as volleyball, football or basketball.

Though the children fled the war in Ukraine and are emotionally vulnerable, we did not feel any obstacles while working with them. The openness with which they accepted us was impressive, and by the end of the project, we became a big family. Of course, there were some moments of misbehaviour and emotional resistance, but all of us coped with them brilliantly. 

We believe that children learnt a lot from us, but we also discovered lots of new things from them. Most of all, about Ukraine and its culture, cuisine and history. The conclusion of our cooperation was the presentation which was demonstrated at Strefa Do_Wolności.

Co-financed under the Erasmus + program of the European Union

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