On December 4 and 8, 2018, CIM Horizons organized two public interventions as an activity of the project #GETUPSTANDUP.

The first one took place outside in the main square of Poznań (Plac Wolnosci, Poznan). Before the Christmas a lot of habitants and tourists in Poznań went to the main square to join every year Christmas Market. That is why one of the main activities was to attend a Christmas intercultural zumba lesson.On the other hand in the same event other 5 activities were promoted connected to the human rights and the international and immigration community in Poznan: Amnesty International Marathon of Writing Letters and sing Silent Night in different languages with foreigners.

The second one was an open meeting with two Poznań’S activists Aleksandra Sołtysiak Łuczak i Katarzyna Ueberhan in the subject of women’s rights in Poland. Center for Youth Initiatives “HORIZONS” organizes the Anti-Discrimination Weekend with the Letter Writing Marathon in the case of human rights defenders and the Living Library.

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